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Tried this through bzzagent since I got it free. It's VERY disappointing. Used it and I'm incredibly burned!!! Got a free bottle, and coupons, and honestly, glad it was free. I'd never recommend wasting money on this junk.

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Steps in the right direction
I have come to a conclusion that it is time for me to move on and no longer be bitter with a certain person who played a big role in shaping me into the woman that I have become today. Anyone that knows me knows that this is a big step. My ex husband is who I'm talking about. It's been over 5 years since we split, and I know there's been a bit of bitterness on both of our ends. We've been talking as friends, and have decided that the past is the past. I'm no longer going to be embarrassed when someone brings that up as a "mistake" that I made in my life. It wasn't a mistake. It was a learning experience. For both him and I. It's time that we pick up our friendship where it used to be and move on with our lives. If there's anyone with objections, then I think it's time to show you to the door.

Holy much needed update batman!
WOW! I can't believe it's been so long since I've written on any of my journals! There's so much that's gone on, but the biggest is my daughter. She's almost 2 years old now. So hard to believe honestly! I probably should spill my guts in blog more often I'd probably feel better, so I'm going to spill what I can here and now and if I feel better, maybe I'll remember to post more.

In the last almost 2 years, what has happened? Let's see, friends have come and gone over and over again. And so has family. I've truly learned who I can and cannot trust. And I've learned that once you have children, you lose the majority of your friends. I guess no one likes to hear about how much I love my daughter. Anyone who knows me, knows that Dyanna has been a huge part of me. Not to brag, but I'm not one of those parents that has a kid and continues with life the way it was before. Unfortunately, that's caused me to lose most of my best friends. And it's also caused me to mend fences with others.

My father's family has alienated me entirely (with the exception of a couple cousins). They decided that I'm not important enough because my mother wasn't my father's first wife but his second. My aunt actually had the balls to walk up to me and my mom at the last family reunion and ask why we were there and said that we were always the outcasts and always would be. For the greater good of my daughter, I no longer bother with them and their bullshit. I want to raise my daughter with the most positive people I can. And honestly, they're assholes. I get tired of hearing that my father would be disappointed in me for who I've become (they think I'm a lazy mother, yeah if they only lived one day of my life, there's no laziness when you're the stay at home mother of a 20 month old child! lol).

I tried making amends with someone from my past, but she screwed me over royally, once again. So that didn't last. BUT, thanks to her I did get back on track with the people we used to live with and got all square there.

Let's see what else....

My husband finally got the job that he was after. He now works as a correctional officer for the county! Yup, that's my boy :) He's been there almost a year now, and it's the first job he's ever liked in his 16 years of working. So that's a plus as well. The negative is, I'm home almost 24/7. I hate not leaving, but hey, we do what we gotta do I guess.....

Onto more about Dyanna (yes I'm going to talk about my baby!!) I'm so proud of her. She's a spitting image of her mama. She's got a smart mouth, already lol. She's just so intelligent for her age, and no, I'm not just saying that as a braggy mommy, her doctor says she's very advanced for her age. The first time I showed her a picture of her grandpa (my dad), I showed her a few others of other things, and then we laid out the pictures, and we go "Where's grandpa?" She picked up the picture of my dad and pointed right at him. Not bad for her age :) I love this kid more and more and more every day

Now onto some bullshit drama that I need to vent about....

My childish little bitch cousin...where do I start? Let's make a long story short here.... My cousin told me she's not going to come to my daughter's 2nd birthday party unless her boyfriend was welcomed. Her boyfriend is a drug addict and was caught dealing cocaine, and he was arrested. So, why in the world would I want that kind of influence around my baby??? My daughter needs good people in her life! I told her no, and all hell broke loose. And now she refuses to talk to me. Personally I say good riddance because she really needs to fall flat on her face with her head so far up her own ass. My baby and the safety of her friends is more important than not having her and her cocaine hyped boyfriend at my baby's party. She threatened to have my husband fired from his job because I knew that her boyfriend was in jail. It's public freaken knowledge. And it was public knowledge as to why. There ain't nobody that better mess with his job, I'll bust faces and y'all know that one!

Anyways, I think I'm done for now. I gotta do the never ending dishes, and make dinner.... ahh the joys of being a stay at home wife and mother.... Peace y'alls

Been such a long time
It's been a long time since I updated this, and looking back through my diary entries, soooooo much has changed with myself, and the surroundings around me.  First, I'll let people who don't know in on the details of my daughter's birth. 

Dyanna May was born August 6th 2010 at 1:31am, weighing 6lbs, 13oz and was 21 inches long.   That little girl has so definitely changed my life.  It's been an amazing journey as a mother.  It's hard to believe that she's here, and she's a huge challenge. 

Been married to Alain a little over a year now.  Time flies so fast :)  We've had our struggles, especially since Dyanna was born, but we're working things out.

I have made permanent changes in my life, and I have forgiven all that has happened in the past.  Obviously there's a reason that the past happened. 

It's so hard to believe that one year ago today, I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful little girl.  This whole past year has been amazing.  And challenging.  I love a good challenge.  On a sad note, dad's been gone 21 months now :(  Oh how he'd love Dyanna.  She could pass as his twin.
Dyanna is such a fast learner.  At only a little over 3 months old, she rolls over, tries to crawl, has sat supported since she was about 5 weeks old, has been trying to sit unsupported for over a week now.  She'll make it for about 30 seconds and then tip over lol.  She's been teething since she was 5 weeks old, and it's been horrible the last 3 days now.  I hope her teethers are gonna make their appearance soon.  Mommy has a headache from the screaming lol.  She loves standing (with mommy holding her of course) and walking towards me.  She already has her mommy's love for dogs (thankfully) And she's on solid foods now and then and takes them like a champ. 

I'll update this again as soon as I can.... time to get her bottle ready, she'll be up again any minute

.... been a while since I updated....For those who don't know, I'm expecting my first child, a little girl, August 4th of this year.  I'm so grateful!  My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, so I wasn't so sure on how this one would be, but so far all is going well, and here I sit at 20 weeks pregnant.  I can't wait for my little Dyanna May Ostinett to be bored.  Many people ask how we came up with her name.  Dyanna is just a different spelling of the name Diana (which I'll be honest, I personally DESPISE this name but for hubby's sake I compromised)  Alain's mother's name was Diana, and I just find the name too ordinary (that and I know a lying thieving backstabbing no good..... you get the point.... person with that name) After doing a lot of baby name searching for different spellings, I settled for this one.  So Dyanna it is.  Her middle name, May, was my grandmother's middle name... and Ostinett, obviously is our last name.  

The pregnancy has gone by fairly well with only a couple little scares, but of course those were just me being paranoid.  I'm still in quite the disbelief about this whole thing however, I know things will become more and more of a reality as time goes on, and when she FINALLY arrives.  Many predictions are that she'll be born on my birthday, since I ended up conceiving 25 years to the day after my mother conceived me.... very scary thought there lol.... Anyways, I'm done rambling on that.

As for other aspects of my life, I'm still working at Dunkin.  Not the best job in the whole wide world but it's a job.  I've been trying to better myself as a person day by day.  Trying to right all the wrongs in life, but that's always hard when people don't allow, but anyways.... There's one wrong in my life that'll never be righted, and that's the stuff with a certain drama queen thieving bitch that I almost punched when she came into my work place as a customer recently... But other than that, I'd like to right everything else with people. 

Nothing really all that new other than that...

Wow I need to post here more, I'm slacking lol

Anyways,  since I last posted here:

I got a 2nd job at WalMart working in the meat  dept.  Not too bad.

Just got married yesterday.  Have never been happier.  It was a justice of the peace thing, but it was still a beautiful ceremony :)

I work my life away pretty much right now...

That's pretty much it lol

So I have been absent for quite some time....
....and to sum up the reasons for that I will just say that I will never again live with so called friends.  The "friends" that Alain and I were staying with just turned out to be money grubbing no good lazy pieces of shit.  They would pawn their daughter off on us to take care of because they thought that since Alain and I wanted babies that we "needed the practice".  They wouldn't even feed their own cat.  They threw hissy fits because I went to visit my family, yet the girl (I refuse to call her a woman) could go see hers.  I had to do nearly a week's worth of chores if I was gone a weekend, yet when she left, and I covered her ass, she didn't have to do shit?  Fair? I think not.  I refused to clean up after them, so they threw us out.  Oh boohoo and fucking wahh... If she got off her ass and got a job and got away from the computer once in a while maybe I would have helped her, but if I was never there, why should I clean THEIR dishes and THEIR mess?  Ummm I shouldn't have had to.  That kid is beyond ridiculously lazy and I hope that karma catches the user one day.  

Ok that part is done...

Now, Alain and I have our OWN place in town, walking distance from my work. fully furnished one bedroom apt.  He took me to Darien Lake for my birthday because we didn't have money to do shit ass else.... I had fun.  Over the course of the last few weeks, I got to spend some quality time with my mother and the rest of my family, which makes me happy :)

Anyways, I won't be on half as often as usual, as I have so much other stuff to concentrate on in my life.  My job, my family, my wedding, which is SOOOOOOON!!! and starting my own family.

For now, I'm out.... Catch me on myspace, facebook, or twitter :)

Peace out chickens!


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